Days 1-10 of the 100 Day Project

2019 is my first year doing the 100 day project and I didn’t make it easy for myself! I have been creating 1 A4 scrapbook layout per day and so far it’s been pretty good fun, Scraping on a tray in front of the TV most nights and making time for my favourite past time.


This project has actually been easier than I thought and completing the project has sparked my creativity – I had been struggling with my scrapbooking, ideas weren’t flowing, no inspiration and scraping felt like a drain!

So I decided to switch it up and pick a size I’m not familiar with as a way to get my mojo back. I kept the ‘rules’ loose, deciding I needed to scrapbook everyday and that might mean a finished layout or steps towards a finished layout.

Some things I’ve learnt:

  • A Pinterest board of A4 layouts is helpful for inspiration follow it here
  • One box of papers and embellishments removes the need to make choices which sometimes holds me back from finishing layouts
  • Scrapping for a few minutes feeds my creativity
  • Print out pictures in advance so there are no excuses!

Check out my layouts in a bit more detail over on my Instagram account: @sams.messy.desk

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