April ‘Currently’ Scrapbook Layout

I was busy browsing some of my favourite blogs and Instagram accounts when I saw Ali Edwards ‘April Currently’ Blog post and thought – I wanna do that. Once I started thinking about the various headings I could use for the ‘Currently’ post I was reminded of a stamp set by RukRustin of the Awesome Ladies Project ‘watching, reading, listening’ etc and suddenly the stolen blog post idea became a scrapbook layout.

I cracked out the as yet rarely used stamp set, got out my Momento Dew Drops and got my stamp on.

Ready to see my layout – and my currently list? Two birds one stone! Let’s do this!

Watching: Been watching so much lately it’s embarrassing, but mostly the first and second season of Fleabag which I have been LOVING! So so funny, kind of a female peep show.

Reading: I have been reading ‘Craft a Life you Love’ by Amy Tangerine it’s OK so far I’m only about 70 pages in and I need to get on with the activities in the book. But it’s a nice inspirational read that encourages you to embrace your hobbies and passions shamelessly and we could all do with hearing that message plus, it has some awesome quotes. I think I will do a full review in a later post when I’m finished reading it.

“Creation is not a luxury, it’s a necessity”

Amy Tan

Listening: once a week Bill and I turn off the TV and listen to Joe Rogan podcasts, this week he was interviewing Matthew Walker a neuroscientist who researches the importance of sleep and it was so so interesting, I’ve been really enjoying this fun tradition and it’s educational too!

Making: I have been making so many scrapbook pages recently, 12 days in to the 100 day project and I’m still scrapbooking every day. I’ve been completing all my A4 pages as well as design team commitments and I’ve been enjoying the creative process.

Feeling: I’ve been feeling really stressed at work, exam season is coming up and worryingly it stresses me out almost as much as the kiddos!

Loving: the Easter break, I’m a few days in and it’s been a very much needed rest. I have lots of fun things planned that I can’t wait to get on the National trust visits, trips to see family and friends.

Planning: loads more blog posts, this blog has been an idea I’ve had for so long but I’ve finally taken the plunge. I’ve got lots of posts written and planned – but if there’s anything you’d love to see let me know below!

So here is the finished layout, I used the ‘currently’ stamp to stamp a banner along the Left hand side of the page, I stamped some labels out on white card, added the journaling prompts and wrote in coordinating colours with my Stabilo pens. I popped all the prompts and journaling up on foam pads and stuck a recent selfie at the top! Ta da!

Do you journal the ‘mundane’ day to day stuff?

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