Inspiration Station; a Remedy for Creative Block

Do you, like me ever lose your mojo from time to time? I keep getting the creative block – where my hobby becomes a challenge rather than a joy. I hate these moments, they normally come when I’m stretched too thin or have too much on my mind, annoyingly these are also the times when I crave time with my hobby as an outlet or release and then it just turns in to a painful, slow process that adds to my stress.

At times like this it makes sense to just hit reset and take some time off – but if you’re still struggling, what then? For me (especially completing the 100 day project) it’s about finding inspiration in the everyday.

I like to find three images to use as inspiration for a layout as a jumping off point. I use Pinterest and put together three pictures that stand out to me. Here are the three I chose for today:

I’ve started calling this process ‘The Mashup’ you can take whatever you like from the three images and use the inspiration to create one layout.

For my scrapbook layout I used a hand cut title (I LOVE hand cut titles they are always so fun, free and there’s something really artsy about them) a doodle boarder – and instead of straight lines I took some doodle inspiration from the image above. Finally birds – I saw this bird picture on instagram I loved them so much. But for my layout I fussy cut some birds from the Maggie Holmes collection.

Here’s my layout, and how I created it!

I started with a piece of white A4 cardstock and after seeing the doodles in the inspiration is remembered that I had these ‘creative stamps’ which came from Paperchase some time ago. I decided to use a range of coloured inks to create a doodle pattern behind the photo

Once all the images were stamped I hand cut some small capital letters from pale green cardstock. The layout is about our family cat Spud, who used to enjoying sitting in the bird house – I think she thought this was a stealthy way to catch the birds but she was a bit of a chubby cat, so all you could see was her little head poking out – it still makes me laugh. So I cut the letters to spell ‘twitcher’ as my title.

Then I fussy cut some of the cute flying birds from the Maggie Holmes Willow Lane paper pad. I layered up lots of small stickers from the Maggie Holmes sticker book (which also contains lots of little birds) before sticking everything down with lots of foam tape for added dimension.

Once it was all stuck down I used a lavender pen to add a doodle border to the layout.

It’s different from my usual style in some ways, I liked the challenge and it did help to get my creativity back.

Here are some closeups:

What do you do when you have creative block?

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