Tips for Making Gorgeous Sequin Mixes

I have lots of sequins at home and I’m definitely partial to a SpiegelMom scraps sequin mix, they’re beautiful – but when I have so many at home I figured instead of buying more I should be having a go at making my own mixes.


Here are some tips for making sequin mixes that give the professionals a run for their money!

First off get all your sequins together and think of a theme and colour scheme. I have lots of iridescent sequins at the moment and I’m loving all the spring vibes so that was my inspiration for this mix.

I dusted the inside of my bowl with a powder tool before I started so that I could use tiny sequins without them sticking to the edge of the bowl. (This is not necessary but can make it easier to see the mixture)

Here are four rules that I believe make or break a sequin mix

  • Texture – you want to try to get a variety of textures in to your mix, this could come from different finishes on your sequins, I have some plain, some iridescent and some holographic.
  • Size – I recommend a range of sizes, if you’re planning to stick these sequins to a layout then that may dictate the smallest size sequin but if it’s for a shaker pocket then you can go uber tiny like I did!
  • Shape – I think the best sequin mixes have a variety of shapes, in this sequin mix I added some medium sequins, 2 sizes of flower sequins and some bowl shaped sequins, plus some tiny stars and hearts. I went big with the variety but 2 or 3 different shapes can look great.
  • Proportions – you should have more of your medium or base sequins and the stand out pretty ones there should be fewer so they can really ‘shine’ ha!

2 thoughts on “Tips for Making Gorgeous Sequin Mixes

  1. Thanks for the tips Sam! Funny, I was only thinking yesterday about making some new shaker pockets, so seeing your pretties is fantastic timing to inspire me even more šŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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