Days 11-20 of the 100 day project

Days 11-20 went really well. I managed to keep up to date with producing a layout a day and to add to that the creativity was flowing like a river!

I kick started day 11 with this ‘currently layout’ which I will definitely do again. It was quick fun and easy, as was day 12s hand-stamped background with a 3×3 photo and a tonne of my current favourite sequins!

Days 13,14,15 and 16 produced layouts that required a variety of effort definitely three of these layouts were super cute and easy peasy I loved trying a couple of layouts that were more ‘organised’ than my usual style the two on the right followed a more linear structure than i an used to producing.

The ‘twitcher’ layout was my favourite but definitely was more time consuming. I just love those Maggie Holmes birds! 😍

Finally these four layouts were far more time consuming, the sewing machine came out for some of these or I got my hand stitching on. Apparently I was in the mood for adding lots of texture to my pages. I love how all 4 of these came out, they are some of my favourites from the project so far.

Which ones are your favourites?

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