Days 21-30 of the 100 Day Project

So I’m more than a quarter of the way through this project and nearly a third! GAH! It’s insane how I’ve managed to stick with the project so far. I honestly thought I would have given up by now.

Sticking with the project has definitely bought some advantages, firstly creative ideas definitely flow more easily and I’ve loved using this project to try new techniques that I haven’t really used before like making paper flowers, crazy patterned backgrounds, lots of stamped titles, mixing thicker fonts, trying linear layouts just to mention a few.

This has also been an exercise in my photography and photo staging skills – I feel like they’re slowly getting better, I’m starting to learn when best to take the pictures for good light, how to edit them and how to use different back drops. I’d like to branch out in to some coloured back drops too.

Although this skill development wasn’t intentional it is definitely an added bonus to committing to this many layouts being posted (almost) daily!

I’m also learning to cut myself some slack, some days I’m too busy to complete a layout and other days I can do two, getting ahead and falling behind are part of the process but Im learning not to give up just because I miss a day! Just start afresh tomorrow! A lesson I think, that’s useful in all aspects of life.

Thanks for reading my 100 day project ramblings, if you’re participating in the 100 day project I’d love to check out your work link your accounts in the comments below!

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