How to Make Beautiful Paper Bunting

I started watching a lot of fun happy mail videos on YouTube recently and I just loved seeing all the beautiful things these swappers created. I had been involved in some happy mail swaps many many years ago, but it really felt as if the quality had upped and the process supersized.

On one such video the individual had received a string of beautiful bunny bunting in an Easter swap. The bunnies looked to be cut from a Cricut, sewn to a ribbon, with some embellishments added. It looked so beautiful 😍

So here’s my attempt, a very different theme and some of my own adaptations but I love the end result and I hope it will inspire you to make something pretty for your craft room.

  1. Start by selecting a theme – I made mine cupcakes and icecream themed
  2. Select cut files – I used 4 Lori Whitaker cut-files for Doodle Bug designs, find them here
  3. Cut out – in this case my Cricut did the hard work, I just swapped around the paper colours and collected piles of cut outs so I was ready to stick them together. But you could easily use a hand die cutting machine or fussy cut your layers
  4. Assemble the shapes – I used tacky glue to stick all the layers together.
  5. Select your bunting string – in this case I used seam binding tape, I purchased a HUGE roll of it off Amazon for around £5.
  6. Plan the design – I laid out my design on the table and placed a pen mark on the seam binding behind each shape so I would know where to return the shapes when sewing.
  7. Stitching – I used a sewing machine to stitch each shape to the binding tape – I also added hot glue once the stitching was complete for added strength
  8. Finishing touches – I added coordinating ribbon tassels to the ends of the bunting, handmade paper flowers and some stickers to add further interest and give each element of my bunting a little unique character!

What do you think? Super cute no? So fun to create I highly recommend. I did one for a friend turning 33 and one for a close friends baby’s first birthday. They make lovely gifts not to mention great for happy mail swaps! I can’t wait to make some Christmas themed ones for stocking fillers this year!

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