Scrap Paper Flower Embellishments

Today I am sharing a process to create these cute flower embellishments, here’s what you will need to get started:

You don’t have to use brads if you don’t have any so don’t worry. I will suggest plenty of alternatives as I go through this process with you!

Firstly you will need some flower dies. I got mine from ‘The Works’ and they’re gorgeous and fit perfectly through my Diamond Press which is always on my desk. You can use any flower dies you have, if they are in multiple sizes that’s even better, if not you can cut multiples of the same size to layer or use a range of different shaped flower dies to stack!

I began by running a variety of paper through the die cutting machine. I like to pick a colour family and work around that. I use a variety of different papers to add interest, some plain, patterned and even tissue paper to add texture.

Once the flowers are cut use your piercer (if you have one) or a cocktail stick or skewer to help roll the petals to give them some lift and a little curl. I roll the petal between the skewer and my finger curving the petal in towards the centre. Once you’ve done all the layers pile them up on top of each other.

Next pierce the paper (only if you are adding brads) I used these brightly coloured mini brads from Amazon they came in a pack of 500! So I should be sorted for a while?!

If you’re not using brads, glue the layers of paper together with tiny blobs of glue in the centre and stick an enamel dot, sequin, diamanté or pearl in the centre.

I love how these came out, you can add them to paper clips with hot glue or use them on scrapbook layouts! They’re textured, bright and pretty not to mention fun to make!

Check out this tutorial video for more step by step instructions on making these flowers and this video showing a mixed media layout using the handmade flowers.

Here are two more scrapbook layouts using these flowers:

Can’t wait to see what you create, share by tagging me @sams.messy.desk on Instagram

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