The craft ‘room’ setup

In the UK space can be limited and until I moved to our new home in Surrey, living in a London Borough meant there was no room in our 1 bed flat for a dedicated craft area. I stored all my tools and equipment in a blanket box and a raskog cart. I scrapped on the dining table and packed everything away when I’d finished.

After we moved in to our house with it’s 3 bedrooms (so much space after 10 years of living in tiny flats) the opportunity for a craft area became a reality!

Mood board

I decided to put my craft area at the back of our living room (despite Bill suggesting I use our smallest bedroom). I purchased a Bureau Bookcase (I have loved bureau’s for the longest time, such a great invention!!) I got it for £60 off Facebook market place.

The unit was originally painted in 50 shades of grey and in all respects was not to my taste. It had been shabby Chic’d and I prefer a cleaner look. So I got to painting the cabinet and chose a gorgeous Green called Firle Green by Annie Sloan and a white chalk paint to brighten the inside of the cabinet. I love how it turned out it’s bright and fun and I’m ready to get filling it with all my craft supplies!

Some might think I’m crazy not to use a room if it’s available but I took the decision to place it at the back of our lounge for a variety of reasons:

  1. I like to chat to Bill while I scrapbook so I suspected I would move my stuff I was working on from the bedroom, downstairs to be social anyway.
  2. I work better with less product and I know any space I have I will FILL! I was genuinely concerned about having so much space that I’d go overboard, forget what I have and generally be less creative as a result.
  3. I can’t justify a whole room for myself just yet, plus living far from family and friends means having this extra room means more visitors and as we’ve never been able to put people up before I am loving being able to!!
  4. I didn’t want to have to downsize in the future. If we decide to have children I didn’t want to have to vacate a room and try to squeeze my craft supplies somewhere else.
  5. Finally it will encourage me to be tidy, if I can shut a door on the room it won’t be long before it’s a tip!!!
  6. Plus my living area is big, long and thin and there would have been unused space at the back, so it all made sense to me!

Check out the video:

I’d love to hear where you craft? What’s your rationale for your craft area – comment below 🙂

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