Creativity in lockdown

These are incredibly challenging times. As a species with a huge social drive, many of us are struggling with the concept of lockdown. Even the introverts among us will be missing family and friends. I miss the simple things, a hug from my Family, the freedom and control to go where I want when I want, and the many things I had taken for granted like popping to a friends, the supermarket or in to town. Despite the stress it has been a learning curve and has reminded me of the value of simple pleasures.

At this time our mental health couldn’t be more important. For many of us, that reset and rebalance in stressful times comes from seeing our loved ones. Whilst there are many things we can do to stay in contact, it’s just not the same. The question remains and the answer still unclear as to how long we need continue with these unsettling times. So how do we go about coping?

For me creativity has always been an outlet for anxiety and distress. I find creativity to be a form of quiet meditation. My mind stops analysing, overthinking and worrying. Instead I’m too focused on what colour to choose for my background, what paint splatters to add and as a papercrafter where shall I put that sequin, Brad or enamel dot? Those seemingly unimportant decisions clear my mind of all the turmoil and uncertainty. I regain control and direction in my life.

It’s a way to shut out the shouty irrational voice in my head, she becomes refocused on the small decisions and regains her power and control in a safe space, free from judgment. The reality at any time is the level of control i’d love to have over my own life will never exist. But I can control my creative persuits, and the only judge of my success is me. If I don’t like what I did, just scrap it and start again. Free of fear, free of judgement, free to express who I am and with all the power and control id ever dreamt of! (I sound like a Disney villain – MAWAHAHAHAHAAAA)

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