Staycation 1” embellishments: Free Printable

We are living in very weird times, and I found myself with a few minutes of quiet time and a desire to improve my photoshop skills! I decided to make some 1” embellishments I could use to document all the time at home. The ones I decided to make are useful at this unique time in our lives, but they are not too specific to the global goings on.

So I made these cute 1” embellishments that can be punched out with a 1” circle punch and used to create fake flair by adding 1” epoxy stickers. I know a lot of us have these things at home so I thought I’d offer the embellishments I made as a free printable, so you guys can use them too. Download it here.

These 1” printable’s can be punched and layered with epoxy stickers!

Print the picture out 4×6 size and you will have perfect 1” circles to punch out and use to document some of those home time activities. Hope you enjoy using them. Possibly more to come, I want to try and make some tiny word stickers and card-stock embellishments if I can work out how to make some. Make sure you tag me on Instagram (@sams.messy.desk) in any layouts you make with these so I can see 😊

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