WITL 2020: Monday

I started Ali Edwards week in the life project and I’m enjoying it so far, as I’m at work normally when WITL is happening and I can’t take photos at work I feel like it would be missing such a big part of my life so this feels like the year to document WITL! Maybe this time it will be a success! This particular week has never looked more different for me and it will be interesting to look back on.

Below is a photo of my first piece of journaling – still got ideas for other things to document but this is a good start I think!

Here are the pictures from Monday, these days it’s work, cooking and walking that take up most of my time!

What I need to crack on with now is using some of Ali Edwards prompt pages a different one for each day for some variety to my album!

Working from home
Posting my brothers 30th birthday card, so sad I won’t be there to celebrate.
Trying a sweet potato mac and cheese recipe
Watching Boris’s daily update!

Are you doing WITL? Leave me a comment down below.

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