WITL 2020: Tuesday

Tuesday was a very productive day, I managed to tick a few items off my to do list, including some that have been on there for months. The trouble with lockdown is you realise that you can’t really avoid the rubbish jobs anymore! 🤣

I’ve taken a picture of the second part of Monday’s journaling – I’m doing my journaling as and when I can and haven’t started Tuesday’s just yet.

I made the album for my WITL this year following a tutorial on Bambiesmail YouTube channel and have gone for a really simple format. I really want to actually finish this one. I’m a great one for starting a project and never totally finishing it!! So simple might be best, we shall see!

Tea and the last of the ginger nuts!
Been making sure I get ready every day.
Even been curling my hair!
Making to do lists while I eat brekki
Finally mowed the lawn
Prepped fish pie and extra for the freezer
Bill made us golden syrup sponge
The third quarantine at home nail art
Veging on the sofa with the cats

Today I took too many photos! It was hard to choose. Loving using the camera on my phone, it means I keep showing up for this project and I’m so excited to document the rest of this week!

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