Chunky layering: add texture to your layouts

My favourite scrapbook layouts are always those with lots of texture. Today we are going to explore paper layers behind photos, specifically very very chunky layers built from lots of different types of paper.

Begin by collecting lots of different papers, here you can see I have collected some patterned 6×6 paper, some patterned project life cards and some plain coloured card as well.

A really fun way to add different textures to the layering is to use Vellum. This can be plain or as I’ve done in the image above add some water colouring, this has created fun coloured vellum and as the vellum has warped from the use of water, it adds yet another texture to the finished layout. you can also paint on card or paper to make customised colours for your layout!

Another really fun way to add texture is to use book paper, I had a book that was falling apart (you could pick one up from a charity shop) and I use the pages in this book as layers for scrapbook layouts. You can see here I’ve added a wash of watercolour for texture and to match my layout.

Once you have collected all your papers you can start layering, I like ripped edges to create texture and interest and it’s a great contrast to crisp cut edges or the rounded corners of project life cards. Keep building layers gradually mixing in a balance of different types of papers.

Finally for added pop of interest create banner and penant shapes to the edges of the paper sticking out from your layers. Here I made some pattern paper by sticking washi tape across some card, it also gives a sheen to the paper.

Here is a close up of the finished layers some ruffled or torn edges, some straight, curved and banner finishes in addition I added all different textures of paper and even a paperclip and some ribbon. There is one layer of foam tape, so in all it’s quite a flat layout but the different textures give it such a lift from the page.

See below for another scrapbook page using lots of layering, to create a totally different look.

Check out the video tutorial here! Be sure to share your creations on Instagram and tag me @samsmessydesk

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